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29th October 2019  Content supplied by: Technical Service Consultants Ltd

BREXIT, We’re Ready to Go - Are You?

Technical Service Consultants Ltd [TSC] are manufacturers of high-quality microbiological consumables, including medical approved culture & transport swabs for patient use. TSC also produces complimentary items like inoculating loops, needles, and spreaders together with an extensive range of industrial products, including surface sampling swabs and sponges. We are close to celebrating 40 years of trading, showing we are a company you can rely on.

As we are rapidly approaching BREXIT, have you considered whether your current device supplier is ready for BREXIT? Have you checked that their CE marking is fully valid after BREXIT? If you’re unsure, don’t worry, we are fully compliant, whatever the result of BREXIT is. There is no need to stock up or increase holdings as supplies from TSC will be uninterrupted.

Some UK based medical device suppliers may struggle with accreditation after BREXIT due to not all notified bodies (who issue the CE mark) being able to adapt so quickly. We would like to reassure you that TSC is certified with SGS who have numerous European and Worldwide offices. Our CE Notified number will transition from 0120 to 1639 post BREXIT allowing all our products to be compliant throughout the UK and the EU whatever the outcome. So you can relax!

It might be worth checking your manufacturer’s plans to avoid your supplies getting delayed or indeed totally disrupted.

For further information, please contact us through sales@tscswabs.co.uk or visit our website

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Date Published: 29th October 2019

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