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1st February 2018  Content supplied by: Technical Service Consultants Ltd

BLUE IS THE COLOUR! - TSC Range of Environmental Monitoring Products

ENVIROSCREEN Technical Service Consultants [TSC] branded name for our range of environmental monitoring products is offered in a variety of swab and sponge presentations.

TSC Neutralising Buffer In many cases surfaces contain traces of disinfectants/sanitisers with the possibility of lingering bacteria. Left alone these cleaning fluid traces will not kill microorganisms but will just prevent growth – known as bacteriostatic effect. By using TSC unique Neutralising buffer [NB] their presence will be detected. Sampling without neutralisers will lead the user to thinking their area is clean when in fact it isn’t. In sensitive environments [food, beverage, pharma] this will shorten shelf life of products, increase spoilage rates with potential of poisoning out breaks.

TSC NB is an excellent way to monitor effectiveness of disinfectants/sanitisers to detect any development of bacterial resistance. This allows an alternative cleanser to be introduced before product quality is affected or full department clean down necessary, disrupting production.

Implementing regular monitoring by using TSC NB allows factory cleanliness to be accurately verified and maintained with minimum effort and cost.

TSC NB offers excellent recovery of organisms including TVC , Listeria spp, Staphylococci and Enterobacteriaceae e.g. Salmonella, E. coli, Enterobacter, Klebsiella, Cronobacter sakazakii.

Hygiene Swab Sampling Kits Surface sampling swab kits are provided as a single peel pack containing a sealed tube of TSC NB and a capped swab. All hygiene swabs conform to ISO 18593:2004 and are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and have shelf life of 24 months.

  • TS/5-40 5ml TSC NB in tube, Viscose swab tip on blue polystyrene breakpoint shaft at 45mm
  • TS/5-42 10ml TSC NB in tube, Polyester swab tip on white polystyrene shaft
  • TS/5-48 10ml TSC Universal NB with Polyester tip on white polystyrene shaft Unique NB formulation with omitted sodium thiosulphate suitable for use with most Petri film applications.
  • TS/5-31 5ml MRD in tube, Viscose swab tip on white polystyrene shaft recommended for non-disinfectant surfaces contains no harsh chemicals so can be used for hand and carcass swabbing

Premoistened Swab Kits Ready to use and pre-moistened for convenience. Ideal swab kits for environmental & hygiene monitoring of equipment and critical surfaces. Providing an integral solution for HACCP with full 12 months shelf life.

  • TS/6-61:250 Premoistened Viscose swab with TSC NB on white Polystyrene shaft
  • TS/6-61BP:250 Premoistened Viscose swab blue Polystyrene breakpoint shaft
  • TS/6-62:100 Premoistened Viscose swab in Deionised water with white Polystyrene shaft suitable for use where NB are not appropriate, ideal for sensitive sampling
  • TS/6-63BP:100 Premoistened Foam tip swab with NB with white polystyrene breakpoint shaft. Foam tip offers enhanced collection and release

Hygiene Sponge Sampling Kits The all in one ready to use non inhibitory cellulose blue sampling sponge kits dosed with NB for the microbiological analysis of different surfaces. - Providing optimal microorganism recovery for sampling in food contact, environmental and industrial settings - Complies with EC No 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs - Suitable for HACCP procedures - Manufactured from new ensuring full 12 months shelf life

Available as Envirostik; Sponge in easy open stomacher bag and Sponge in 100ml screw cap container

How to use all in one sponge sampling kits by demonstration video please visit our website www.tscswabs.co.uk

  • TS/15-A/95 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with NB in 100ml screw cap container + glove
  • TS/15-B 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with NB in easy open stomacher bag
  • TS/15-U125 Envirostik 50cm sponge [2 x 25cm] dosed with NB attached to blue breakpoint handle in easy open stomacher bag


Meat Carcass Sampling Kits are comprised of pre-moistened sponge for convenient direct food surface sampling. Each sponge dosed in an isotonic solution and conforms to EC Commission 2073/2005 on foodstuffs and compliant with ISO 17604:2003

Meat Carcass Sampling Kits

- Convenient for direct surface sampling of meat carcasses - Products comply to Food Standard Agency recommendations - Products can be used for TVC , Enterobacteriaceae [e.g. Salmonella & E coli] from surfaces of meat carcasses - Sponge is dosed in nutrient free solution [0.9% saline] enabling the product to be stored at sampling site and sampling conducted by non-specialist staff

  • TS/15-A:NcCI:95 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with 0.9% saline in 100ml screw cap container + glove
  • TS/15-U:NaCI Envirostik 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with 0.9% saline attached to blue breakpoint handle in easy open stomacher bag
  • TS/15-B:NaCI 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with 0.9% saline in easy open stomacher bag
  • TS/15-B:PSD 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with peptone saline diluent [MRD] in easy open stomacher bag
  • TS/15-BPW 50cm Blue Sponge dosed with BPW in easy open stomacher bag

Accessories - TS/15-T40 10 X 10cm Sterile Blue Polypropylene template incorporates press plate for easy sampling - Recommended to be used with Hygiene swab and sponge sampling kits - Ideal for accurate and consistent surface sampling to conform to recognised standards

For further information please the Request More Information button below or contact us through our website www.tscswabs.co.uk or sales@tscswabs.co.uk.

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Date Published: 1st February 2018

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