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8th April 2014  Content supplied by: TSC

TSC PreMoist Hygiene Swabs Save Time

TSC will save customer’s time and money with the launch of it’s new PreMoist Hygiene Swab Kits with No outer peel pouch.

  • No peel pouch, convenient & simple
  • Excellent sample integrity and secure
  • Neutralise disinfectant residues
  • User ability to uncover bacteriostatic effect
  • Entire sample easily analysed
  • Integral solution for HACCP
  • Useful in food security / TACCP validation
  • Ideal hygiene monitoring solution
  • Choice of swab materials
  • Convenient 12 Month Shelf Life
  • Strengthens brand protection

TSC SwabsThe greener alternative to the current range, pre-moistened sampling swabs offer end-users a convenient and simple sampling method to confirm the presence of microorganisms on equipment and critical surfaces giving greater brand protection, helping to minimise exposure to potential recalls.

Technical Service Consultants (TSC) PreMoist Swabs should be used for environmental and hygiene surveillance (including HACCP processes), food-security (including TACCP), or cleaning validation due to the inclusion of disinfectant neutralisers. Within a clinical setting, Pre-Moist swabs are also a valuable tool for infection control investigations.

For further details about PreMoist Swabs and other products in TSC’s Enviroscreen Range please call +44(0)1706 620600 or visit our website www.tscswabs.co.uk

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Date Published: 8th April 2014

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