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27th April 2021  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Special Focus on Legionella Detection in Water

With the gradual re-opening of premises due to easing of COVID-19 restrictions, there is a potential for stagnant water in building water systems to create ideal conditions for the growth of Legionella. Now is a good time for Legionella testing laboratories to review their methods and media suppliers to get a head start on gearing up for an increase in water samples so that the risk to public health due to Legionnaires disease - another harmful respiratory disease, can be avoided.

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella pneumophila and constitutes a severe form of pulmonary inflammation, which is fatal in 15 to 20% of cases. In Europe, approximately 70% of Legionella infections are caused by L. pneumophila serogroup 1. Other serogroups cause 20%, and non-pneumophila species cause 5–10%; these include Legionella longbeachae, Legionella micdadei, and Legionella bozemanii, amongst others.

In this rapidmicrobiology Legionella special focus, we explore a range of rapid test kits that can give instant detection, identification, and also rapid quantification, together with suppliers of ISO 11731:2017 media for Legionella. Other useful resources are the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) which has a study group for Legionella infections (ESGLI). This group has recently published several documents online that give guidance for managing Legionella in businesses where there is a high risk to public health (i.e. dental water systems), these can be downloaded here.

The Centre for Disease Control to and Prevention (CDC) has updated its Legionella page with guidance on 'Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation'. This information can be viewed here.

BIOTECON Diagnostics’ microproof®Legionella Quantification LyoKit 

BIOTECON Diagnostics’ microproof<sup>®</sup> <em>Legionella</em> Quantification LyoKit 

BIOTECON Diagnostics’ microproof® Legionella Quantification LyoKit – implementing the right safety measures post lockdown.
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High Quality Culture Media for Water Testing from SGL

High Quality Culture Media for Water Testing from SGL

SGL is one of the largest providers of pre-poured microbiological culture media for all applications in water testing, from the estimation of total viable counts right through to the highly sensitive detection of waterborne contamination and specific isolation of L. pneumophila.
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NF Validated AFNOR Certified Legiolert for Legionella pneumophila Detection

NF Validated AFNOR Certified Legiolert for <em>Legionella pneumophila</em> Detection

Legiolert offers easy, rapid and accurate detection of Legionella pneumophila with confirmed results within 7 days.
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iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution for Legionella

iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution for <em>Legionella</em>

Free DNA from dead or lysed cells can produce unconfirmed positive results when quantifying Legionella by PCR but when Bio-Rad's iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution (FDRS) is applied to the Aquadien DNA Extraction protocol, a 2.5 log reduction in signal from Free DNA can be achieved.
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New, Improved Legionella Testing Range from Thermo Fisher Scientific

New, Improved <em>Legionella</em> Testing Range from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific continue to invest in meeting the needs of laboratories testing for Legionella in water with an upgraded portfolio including an improved, ISO-compliant, GVPC agar and new qPCR products for rapid detection and enumeration.  
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Bio-Rad’s Complete Solution for Legionella Testing

Bio-Rad’s Complete Solution for <em>Legionella</em> Testing

Bio-Rad provides a complete range of products for the detection and the quantification of Legionella: Learn more!
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C4-Hydro's Mobile Lab Delivers Fast and Accurate Legionella pneumophila Counts

C4-Hydro's Mobile Lab Delivers Fast and Accurate <em>Legionella pneumophila </em>Counts

C4 Hydro's Legio EZ product range can rapidly detect and quantify all serogroups of cultivable Legionella pneumophila in water samples using patented and award-winning technology. This easy to use test is a mobile laboratory and can provide fast and reliable data on treatment efficiency.
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Liofilchem Solutions to Detect Legionella in Water Samples

Liofilchem Solutions to Detect <em>Legionella</em> in Water Samples

Legionella species are Gram-negative bacilli. They reside in surface and drinking water and are usually transmitted to humans in aerosols causing destructive alveolar inflammation. Liofilchem offers several solutions to detect Legionella in water. 
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Legionella, A Waterborne Risk

<em>Legionella</em>, A Waterborne Risk

COVID-19 has shut down many businesses, leaving buildings closed and water stagnant in systems allowing Legionella to multiply. Regular water analyses for Legionella must be performed under EU rules and r-biopharm's SureFast® PCR solution returns results in just a few hours.
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On-site Quantification of Intact Legionella for Reliable Risk Analysis

On-site Quantification of Intact <em>Legionella</em> for Reliable Risk Analysis

rqmicro AG will soon launch its latest instrument, the rqmicro.COUNT, to overcome the current issues of Legionella analysis and to make reliable, standardized and rapid quantification of intact Legionella on-site a true possibility. 
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LEGIPID®Legionella Fast Detection - Rapid Legionella Detection in Water

LEGIPID<sup>®</sup> <em>Legionella </em>Fast Detection - Rapid <em>Legionella </em>Detection in Water

Validated by AOAC-RI, LEGIPID®is an easy-to-use, non growth based, test for 1-hour quantification of Legionella species. LEGIPID® is more specific and more sensitive than traditional culture methods and it reduces time, cost and labour over traditional culturing methods.
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Accelerate Recommissioning and Mitigate Legionella Risks with Hydrosense

Accelerate Recommissioning and Mitigate <em>Legionella </em>Risks with Hydrosense

Hydrosense’s ultra-fast Legionella pneumophila SG1 test spots serious problems, fast. It creates immediate calls to action, quicker remedial solutions and mitigates the risk of potentially devastating Legionella outbreaks and public health impacts.
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