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4th June 2020  Content supplied by: Hydrosense

Accelerate Recommissioning and Mitigate Legionella Risks with Hydrosense

The Hydrosense test is immediate, simple and accurate; providing insights into the state of your water system in only 25 minutes. By minimising the time taken to identify Legionella pneumophila SG1 bacteria, Hydrosense reduces public health risk and helps save lives. In parallel with periodic lab culture testing, or as a stand-alone method, this simple test helps your organisation to maintain vigilant control over water system quality. The Hydrosense solution also securely stores test results for audit with our innovative smartphone reader and portal.

Mitigate your risks
  • Hydrosense reduces public and employee health risk by minimizing the time taken to identify the most serious Legionella bacteria.
  • In parallel with periodic lab testing, or as a continuous monitoring tool, this simple test allows your organization to maintain vigilant control of water system quality.
Make better-informed decisions, faster
  • Hydrosense improves detection rates of Legionella pneumophila SG1 bacteria and provides results, on-site within minutes.
  • Hydrosense accelerates recommissioning so you can get back to 'business as usual' quickly, and safely. Results in 25 minutes vs 2 weeks means problems can be spotted early and recommissioning carried out immediately.
Protect your reputation
  • Reputation drives revenue. For the water service industry, Hydrosense can provide client peace of mind. Every positive detected is a problem fixed, faster.
  • Industries reliant on clean water systems, such as shipping, mining, oil & gas, have to make sure that people are protected in offshore or remote locations.
  • Closer to home, hospitals and hotels are fast-moving environments where situations can change in a heartbeat. Real-time water testing keeps these organizations one step ahead.

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Date Published: 4th June 2020

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