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27th June 2016  Content supplied by: Bio-rad

Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check® Free DNA Removal Solution

In a routine food safety testing laboratory, one of the most important steps is the confirmation of presumptive positive results. The confirmation rate is usually a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for the lab and criteria of choice when selecting a detection method.

When using a molecular approach, users may face unconfirmed positive results from dead cells in the sample as a residual effect of industrial processes such as heat, sanitizing or bacteriophage treatment. The new iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution efficiently removes the signal from free DNA in a sample without affecting target DNA within living cells. The method fits seamlessly into the current iQ-Check real-time PCR workflow as an easy to use, accurate and cost effective procedure that will reduce unconfirmed positive results from dead cells.

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Date Published: 27th June 2016

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