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28th March 2017  Content supplied by: Mobidiag Oy (HQ)

Patents Granted for Mobidiag's Amplidiag® CarbaR+VRE

Based in Finland, Mobidiag Ltd is a molecular diagnostics company, have received two new patents complementing the Australian Patent n°2010247321 obtained in June 2016: US Patent n°9593381 and Japanese Patent n°6054178 covering a method and a kit for detecting antibiotic resistant bacteria, and more specifically, screening for carbapenemase genes causing carbapenem resistance in bacteria.

“At Mobidiag, we have been developing fast and reliable tests for the detection of infectious diseases, including antibiotic resistance with our Amplidiag® Carba+VRE kit and wider panels soon to come. These new additions to Mobidiag’s intellectual property are key in our global strategy and definitely strengthen our commitment towards the fight against antibiotic resistance, a major worldwide health concern nowadays” said Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag.

Designed to be a cost-effective solution for high volume screening of pure culture samples, the Amplidiag® CarbaR+VRE (CE-IVD) is a multiplex PCR test that detects five major and clinically most relevant carbapenemase groups as well as two vancomycin resistance markers directly from pure cultures, with results in a few hours.

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Date Published: 28th March 2017

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