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28th March 2017  Content supplied by: Novolyze

Surrogate Salmonella for Thermal Processing Validation Studies

Novolyze have added 4 new references to its SurroNov™ range of dry and ready-to-use surrogate microorganisms. With these new products, Novolyze offers an off-the-shelf solution to the food industry for assessing the impact of a thermal process - such as baking, extrusion, drying, etc. - on the inactivation of Salmonella. The released products aim at facilitating preventive control validation studies for the following food applications:

Nuts & Seeds (SurroNov 1822)

Pet Food & Animal Feed (SurroNov 1824)

Herbs & Spices (SurroNov 1826)

Biscuits & Snacks (SurroNov 1832)

These four new items have been tested to have a similar or greater resistance than Salmonella in their respective food application. Tests included inactivation studies on such food matrices as kernel pistachios, pet food kibbles, black pepper, paprika and cookie dough.

Surrogate microorganisms are non-pathogenic bacteria that mimic the behavior of foodborne pathogens to different kinds of stress (heat etc.). Since they are not pathogenic, they can be safely used in-plant to validate the efficacy of a preventive control, a cornerstone requirement of FSMA. SurroNov surrogate microorganisms are commercialized as a ready-to-use powder preparation that does not require any further enrichment step before use. They are available in individual pouches from 25g to 1kg at concentrations up to 10-log CFU/g. Their inoculation on a food product is usually obtained by blending.

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Date Published: 28th March 2017

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