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4th February 2014  Content supplied by: Interscience

New Range of Silent Lab Blenders from INTERSCIENCE

INTERSCIENCE have introduced a new range of silent laboratory blenders for improved lab comfort and safer microbiological sample preparation. The 2 new models of the BagMixer® 400 mL lab blenders range: BagMixer® S and BagMixer® SW, are the most silent lab blenders on the market with noise level of less than 48 db, they offer super silent and quick homogenizing due to a noise cancelling casing, Paulstra anti-vibration feet and double-layer polycarbonate window.

Key Features:

  • Patented adjustable blending power (up to 28 kg pressure per paddle) enables the blender to adapt itself to any kind of sample, only 60 seconds are required for homogenization
  • Advanced LightCode System indicates the stage of the blending process and the LED lighting lights up the blending chamber during blending and cleaning.
  • Patented LiquidSensor system automatically stops the blender if bag leakage occurs, with removable drip tray making cleaning easier
  • TotalAccess System enables the door to open flat on the bench for easy removal of the autoclavable Click and Clean® paddles

BagMixer® S and BagMixer® SW are part of the BagSystem range developed by INTERSCIENCE to ensure safe and quick preparation of the sample before microbiological analysis.

See and hear for yourself watch the YouTube video:


What's new about the BagMixer® S and BagMixer® SW ?

The models have been redesigned and have 2 new patents with the TotalAccess System enabling the full opening of the door and removal of the Click and Clean® autoclavable paddles & the LiquidSensor system alerting and stopping the blending in case of liquid leakage. They have great user-friendly features such as the advanced lighting system, are easy to clean and are also super silent in comparison with classic paddle blenders.

Are they really silent ?

Yes, they are the most silent lab blenders on the market. The BagMixer® S & SW will really change the working environment of your lab: they are so silent that you can make a phone call next to them while blending:  less than 48 dB compared with 54 dB of their closest competitor.

How about the energy consumption?

The new brushless motor technology allows the BagMixer® to consume 50% less energy than the brushed motor competitors. Our motors have no wearing parts, so lasts much longer. The new AutoSleep function puts the BagMixer® in sleep mode after 30 min of inactivity.

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Date Published: 4th February 2014

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