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15th June 2015  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

New AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

Neogen has released an enhanced version of its popular AccuPoint® ATP Hygiene Monitoring System that makes this product the most sensitive and consistent hygiene monitoring system available.

Neogen’s new AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System features improved samplers to more consistently collect any potential residues left behind after cleaning; an improved compact reader to better detect any residues collected by the samplers; and improved data management software to better organise and analyse the system’s test results.

Improvements include:

  • Samplers with improved chemistry to produce more consistent results with even greater sensitivity — and the ability to be stored at room temperature for up to two weeks;
  • An improved reader to produce even faster results in less than 20 seconds;
  • Advanced Data Manager software to more easily streamline the testing process by creating test plans and syncing important data, while keeping a permanent record of hygiene test results.

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Date Published: 15th June 2015

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