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16th February 2018  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Improved BagFilter P - Blender Bags with a Lateral Filter

BagFilter P, the most popular of the INTERSCIENCE blender bag range for sample preparation just got better with more ergonomic and user-friendly features meeting the needs of Quality Control laboratories in the food industry and food hygiene analysis providers.

"The new features of the best-selling blender bags will simply make daily analyses easier!" said Sylvie Viboud, PhD. Head of Microbiology at INTERSCIENCE.

What’s new ?

  • Pre-cut for pipetting - makes insertion of micropipette much easier
  • Marking zone - for clear sample traceability
  • Volume indication - checks volume of diluent
  • Enlarged opening - for easy insertion of pipette straws

BagFilter is adapted for: - Food and agricultural microbiological analyses (Ex: meat, cooked meat, fish, prepared dishes, fruits, vegetables…) - Pharmacological microbiological analyses (Ex: pills, tablets, blisters, powders…) - Environmental microbiological analyses (Ex: plants, soil, filtration membranes, tissues…)

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Date Published: 16th February 2018

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