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11th March 2013  Content supplied by: 

Complete Kit for Simple Sampling of Meat Carcasses

Technical Service Consultants (TSC) sterile Carcass Sampling Sponge Kits are ready-to-use, self contained kits for the environmental sampling of meat carcasses. The Carcass sampling sponge comes in a sterile kit with no additional preparation required and has been custom made to customer requirements, with the added benefit of alternative media being available on request.

Carcass Sampling Sponge Kits are simple to use, reliable and cost effective. They can be used for the recovery of total viable count (TVC) and Enterobacteriaceae (including Salmonellae and E.coli) from the surfaces of beef, pork, lamb and other meat carcasses. They have been designed according to Food Standard Agency recommendations and comply with EU regulation no. 2073/2005.

The convenient sampling kit consists of an individually packed 50cm2 blue cellulose sponge, pre-moistened with 10ml of 0.9% unbuffered saline, MRD or Buffered Peptone Water. Sampling sponges are available sealed within a sterile bag for sample transport to the laboratory (TS/15-B:NaCl; TS/15-I:NaCl), in a blue sterile 120ml plastic container (TS/15-A:NaCl) or use the EnviroStick (TS/15-U:NaCl), with its flexible breakpoint handle, ideal for difficult to reach areas.

For further details and a free sample visit: www.tscswabs.co.uk or call +44(0)1706 620600



Date Published: 11th March 2013

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