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22nd November 2018  Content supplied by: Corning Gosselin S.A.S. Life Sciences

A Complete Range of Sample Preparation Products for Food Laboratories

Corning Life Sciences high-speed dispensing system diluter and power enhancement process blender help you to prepare your food samples in the most efficient and comfortable way.

Corning® Gosselin S-Diluter-1

  • The Corning Gosselin S-Diluter-1 is an automated food sample diluter suitable for the analysis of a range of sample sizes from 80 mL to 400 mL. 
  • The Diluter’s design helps to provide quick and accurate dilution of many sample types including food, agricultural, chemical, and cosmetic samples.
  • The S-Diluter -1 increases your laboratory’s productivity, helps to secure dilution operations, and reduces the risk of contamination.

Find out more about the Corning® Gosselin S-Diluter-1 here


Corning Gosselin S-Blender-1

  • The Corning Gosselin S-Blender-1 is a high-performance blender for microbiological sample preparation. 
  • The blender, which is suitable for a range of sample dilutions between 80 and 400 mL, ensures quick and accurate blending of any sample including food, agricultural, chemical, and cosmetic.

Find out more about the Corning Gosselin S-Blender-1

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Date Published: 22nd November 2018

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