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BIOMIC® V³ Touch-Screen Microbiology for Instant Disk Diffusion Results

The new BIOMIC V³ System introduces touch-screen technology to instantly read and interpret standard disk diffusion testing with 2005 CLSI guidelines.

V³ also reads many brands of ID Kits and CHROMagar® plates by color digital image analysis. Touch-screen technology combined with bar-coding and LIS interfacing reads up to 6 plates per minute for fast and accurate antibiotic susceptibility testing. These high-speed features increase lab productivity by reducing labor time and material costs.

BIOMIC V³ takes advantage of the flexibility and low cost of CLSI standard methods and non- proprietary consumables. BIOMIC is utilized as both a primary and back-up/complimentary AST-ID system for microbiology labs in 48 countries.

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Posted: June 17, 2005
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