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Antibiotic BioAssays By Color Digital-Image

Analysis AutoAssay® is of a Plug-and-Play, high-resolution color-digital-camera based system with easy-to-use Windows software. Its instantaneously reads 90 to 150 mm agar plates showing a true color, digital, 1024 x 1024 pixel image for users to review/edit measurements.

AutoAssay® complies with GLP and provides password-entry, a permanent electronic record of raw data, printouts and a note pad. Parameters are flexible and common formats are saved for re-use. AutoAssayâ precisely and consistently measures growth-inhibition zones, eliminates transcription and calculation errors, plots standard curves with statistics, and identifies outlying points. Reading and calculation time are reduced by 99%. AutoAssay® calculates antibiotic concentrations/potency and follows US-FDA/USP/CFR/AOAC methods. These assays are used for antibiotic potency QA assays, milk, water, feed, foods etc…

These systems reduce training time, provide consistent readings and are easy to setup in minutes. Custom software is available.

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Posted: April 18, 2002
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