Real Time PCR for Food Safety

November 2005 archived news list

Esco establishes new office in middle east
Esco labculture class ii type b2 biosafety cabinet completes nsf testing
24 hour listeria environmental testing
Bayer sets the stage for virologists at molecular user group meeting
Innovative mycodtect identifies mycoplasmas
Vacusafe for safe and easy aspiration of biohazardous liquids
The baby gravimat for accurate economical dilutions
A one step 30 hour listeria enrichment medium
Now available pcr test for h5 and h5n1 viruses
New ultra sensitive hiv test launched
Move from any lims to a thermo solution using low risk effective software migration
Quest offers avian flu testing service
Dynex technologies introduce new automated clinical diagnostic workstation
Upper respiratory viral panel will include h5n1 and sars
Real time hpv detection from genoid
Exceptional tool for microbiological research
Usda fsis adopts bax system for e coli o157 testing
Strategic diagnostics files patent for new enrichment media technology
Comprehensive catalogue for microbiology disposable plastics
Updated shaking water bath with low water sensor
Biolog and fosun to develop clinical identification and susceptibility system
Bird flu trust virocult the superior transport system for influenza a and all other respiratory viruses
Biomerieux offers fast reliable detection of e coli o157
Oxoid wins top manufacturing award for logistics and supply chain management
Rapid flu test helps target avian flu
Oxoid extends range for detecting mrsa with staphaurex plus
Quality control organisms for water testing
Improved identification of listeria spp
New oxoid chromogenic medium improves screening for mrsa
Polystainer automated staining now with extended range of microbiology stains
Cils labels designed for cryogenic storage vials

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