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Esco Establishes New Office in Middle East

In line with its policy for further commitment to the growing healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology market in the Middle East, Esco Micro Pte Ltd has set up a representative office in Dubai, UAE. A fast-developing region with a total population of 350 million, the Middle East and Northern Africa are emerging markets with expenditure on healthcare predicted to rise to new heights in the next three years.

The new Esco representative office serves as a local contact point for all sales and technical enquiries and is located in Dubai, Middle East's economic hub, to facilitate the establishment of a regional support system.

The region has been identified as a growing market with large potential for Esco products and the office will be used as an entry into this region of diverse language, religions and cultures, to build up a system of marketing, sales, servicing and after-sales service in the country.

Other functions of Esco Middle East Rep Office include:
-Maintaining a direct Esco presence in the Middle East
-Build customer confidence by consolidating operations and managing the
distribution channels
-Organize and participate in exhibitions, seminars and symposiums, and
advertise articles in pharma and biotech magazines.
-Improve local support on service and replacement parts

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Posted on November 14, 2005