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Biolog and Fosun to Develop Clinical Identification and Susceptibility System

Biolog, Inc. has established a joint venture to develop a clinical microbiological identification and susceptibility system with Shanghai Fosun Medical Systems.

This new system will be produced in Shanghai and will be available within the Peoples Republic of China. The system, called Bio-Fosun, is designed to improve the simplicity, speed, and accuracy of bacterial identification and targeted at mid-sized hospitals and medical laboratories worldwide. The Bio-Fosun system is easily localizable into virtually any language and is capable of being customized for different antimicrobial formularies and testing requirements. The Bio-Fosun system was featured at Medica 2005 and is being launched within the PROC by Fosun Medical Technologies. For sales outside of China, Biolog retains the rights to market and sell the product.

As with all other Biolog products, the new system identifies far more bacterial species than competing systems. This is important because clinical microbiologists are finding a much wider range of microbial species causing infections because of trends like new and emerging pathogens and increasing numbers of immuno-compromised patients.

Biolog is continuing to develop its innovative OmniLog® and MicroLog™ microbiology identification technology and is applying it to new and exciting areas of growth. The development associated with the Bio-Fosun product expands Biolog's capability and will complement applications already developed for use with bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi.

The clinical microbiology identification and susceptibility test market is $550 million annually, and is growing rapidly in emerging markets and steadily in developed markets.

These new products represent an accurate, rapid, and cost effective alternative to existing systems already on the market. This new platform will allow clinical microbiologists to easily and efficiently process their clinical identifications and susceptibility tests.

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Posted on November 21, 2005

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