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Real Time HPV Detection from GenoID

GenoID Ltd. develop and manufacture diagnostic kits for sexually transmitted infections such as HPV, Chlamydia trachomatis and Herpes Simplex.

GenoID's kit for HPV can detect all 14 high-risk and 5 low-risk genotypes of HPV providing the sensitivity and specificity of PCR technology but simplifying the process by using a real-time PCR method.

As a result,
- there are considerably fewer false negative and false positive results than with other methods,
- there are less repeated tests than with "traditional" PCR,
- there is practically no possibility of contamination,
- results are ready within three hours and not after a minimum of eight as with other tests,
- the tests can run on a number of different so-called "open-platform" real-time thermocyclers ("Roche LightCycler", "ABI 7700" etc.)
- the tests are easily integrated into the laboratory workflow.

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Posted on November 21, 2005