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Vacusafe - for Safe and Easy Aspiration of Biohazardous Liquids

The VACUSAFE comfort from INTEGRA Biosciences is a highly safe vacuum system that has been specifically developed for easy and rapid aspiration of biohazardous liquids.

Incorporating a pump unit, waste collection bottle, tubing and VACUBOY hand operator in an all-in-one compact instrument the VACUSAFE comfort readily fits below all commercially available Laminar Flow Cabinets.

Paramount considerations in the design of the VACUSAFE comfort were ensuring user safety and maximising productivity through user friendliness and novel practical features born out of INTEGRA Biosciences' more than 20 years experience of designing purpose built laboratory instruments.

The VACUSAFE comfort system collects liquid waste in a chemical and pressure resistant bottle. The shatterproof 3-litre glass or 4-litre polypropylene bottles as well as all other components that come in contact with the aspirated liquid may be autoclaved. A hydrophobic filter on the back of the VACUSAFE comfort ensures that no aspirated material including aerosols containing bacteria or viruses can find their way into the pump housing or out into the surrounding laboratory environment. Finally, for additional safety, an optional filling status sensor ensures that the device will switch off once the collection bottle is full.

The VACUSAFE comfort is extremely easy to operate - simply switch on and set the required vacuum. As soon as the target vacuum has been reached, the pump switches off automatically. If the vacuum collapses in use, the pump switches back on automatically. The design of VACUSAFE comfort brings a host of advantages to the laboratory routine. Because of its compact construction, the device cuts down on spatial requirements and is easily transported. Its rounded shape and smooth surfaces permit easy cleaning of the unit. One option uses a quick-connect mechanism to attach hoses to the bottle lid, allowing simple and safe ex changes of collection bottles. Special care has also been taken to minimise the noise level often present in many labs. With a noise emission of less than 50 dB, the VACUSAFE comfort is well below the level described in regulations for safety cabinets.

For busy laboratories the VACUSAFE comfort offers the multi-user possibility of connecting two units to one waste bottle. Coupled with the ergonomically profiled VACUBOY hand operator and a range of adapters the system provides the flexibility to aspirate supernatant liquids from cell culture vessels, centrifuge tubes, 24- and 96-well plates and sample vials.

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Posted on November 14, 2005