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Innovative MycoDtect™ Identifies Mycoplasmas

Greiner Bio-One GmbH, has introduced MycoDtect™ , this innovative DNA-chip detects the presence of mycoplasmas in cell cultures and identifies the nine most common contaminating species.

The contamination of cell cultures by mycoplasmas is crucial in biopharmaceutical production and biological research. With the MycoDtect™ biochip, Greiner Bio-One makes it possible to detect all mycoplasma species and unequivocally identify, at the species level, the nine most common pathogens.

Novel DNA microarray technology ensures rapid turnaround time with results being available in around four hours. This ensures that any new contamination of cell lines or cultures can be rapidly dealt with and ultimately avoided altogether. Use of MycoDtect in the HTA™ Slide12-format allows up to 12 samples to be processed simultaneously, greatly increasing the efficiency of the procedure. Comprehensive on-chip-controls as well as fully automated data analysis safeguards reliable results. MycoDtect™ is available in a ready-to-use kit including the evaluation software CheckReport™.

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Posted on November 7, 2005