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Exceptional Tool for Microbiological Research

A new independently researched and written technical report, available from Radleys Discovery Technologies, concludes that the Metz Syn10 reaction station shows great potential for applications in microbiological research.

The Metz Syn10 is a compact, simple to operate instrument offering the facility to simultaneously carry out up to 10 reactions, with variable heating, cooling, refluxing and stirring, from -30ºC to +150ºC.

In the context of microbiological research the report demonstrates the main benefit of the Metz Syn10 over conventional incubators is its exceptional control of temperature gradients, and the ability for different experimental profiles to be run simultaneously. The instrument is also shown to perform complex temperature profiles, which should enable diurnal temperature changes to be simulated.

The independent report includes an evaluation of the Metz Syn10 software and hardware. It then brings together an analysis of the results of a series of experiments, carried out to compare the thermal behaviour of different natural materials. The importance of flow rates, stirring patterns, temperature gradients and use of different reaction vessels are investigated.

The Metz Syn10 offers stirring control from 250rpm to 1200rpm, with a maximum temperature difference between any two adjacent wells of 180ºC. Superior chemical resistance, gas tight sealing and easy operation are provided through proprietary PTFE capped tubes, which feature an all PTFE valve. A central inlet/outlet manifold, combined with the gas tight PTFE caps allows the introduction of inert gas for air or moisture sensitive reactions. An optional removable water-cooled Reflux unit may be used to provide even and efficient refluxing within the glass or aluminium reaction tubes. Complementing the versatile hardware the intuitive Metz Syn10 PC software provides a comprehensive suite of control options including individual well programming and profiling, controlled heating/cooling ramps, crash cooling function for rapid temperature changes, plus an 'on-the-fly' function for modifying profiles in progress, multi-user feature, data collection and control by solution temperature.

For a copy of the report 'Adaption of the Metz Syn10 for microbiology applications' and further information on the Metz Syn10 please contact Radleys Discovery Technologies.

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Posted on November 28, 2005