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Synbiosis archived news list

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New synstats software for antibiotic and vaccine developers
New independent validation study of protocol 3 system
Second protocol system used at prestigious ucl institute of child health
Top pie maker picks acolade as their pukka manual colony counter
Protocol colony counter increases throughput of crucial research on food pathogens
Pharma adopts protocol colony counting and zone sizing technology
Affordable colony counter gives precise potency analysis from raw data
Synbiosis introduces new acolade manual colony counter
Protocol 2 colony counting and zone sizing system upgrade
Protocol 2 automates imaging of large plates
New colony counter makes tvcs and zone measurement fast and accurate
Automated colony counter at major yeast genetics lab
Protocol 2 enables rapid accurate colony counts of legionella
New protocol 2 uv accessory counts fluorescent colonies and plaques fast
Protocol 2 upgraded for faster determination of vaccines and anti microbials
New automated zone analysis speeds up antibiotic quality testing
New protocol 2 speeds up quality testing of swine flu vaccines
New brochure makes choosing protocol 2 quick and simple
Danisco uses autozone to predict efficacy of bacteriocide in foods
Automated colony counter predicts genotoxicity of airbourne substances
Automated zone measuring system reduces timelines for release of flu vaccines
Protocol automated colony counter used at major food technology centre
New automated colony counter and zone sizing with unique hd imaging
Analyse flu vaccine potency faster with new protocol srd zone measurement
New opka assay application features for protocol ensure speedy analysis of pneumococcal vaccines
New debris exclusion features for automated colony counter
Major european pharma installs 10th protocol system to increase productivity
New protocol uv automated uv visible colony counter and zone sizing system
New colony counting software and validation procedures from synbiosis
Major veterinary centre installs 16 protocol automated inhibition zone sizing systems
Automated colony counter helps speed up clinical studies of pneumococcal vaccines
Skin disease centre uses protocol to generate rapid accurate clinical trial results
Protocol automated colony counter is helping speed up development of novel vaccine technology
Synoptics develops new instrument for idexx laboratories
New software for automated zone analysis system improves speed and accuracy
Autozone for faster accurate zone analysis
Acolyte automated colony counter cuts qc time in half
New automated zone analysis system for fast accurate zone measurements
Automated colony counters help monitor air quality
Protocol makes testing flu vaccines twenty times faster
New automated colony counter used for range of food tests
New external camera range for protocol allows the analysis of bioassay plates and microscope samples
New microscopy software from synbiosis accurately counts thousands of cells in an instant
New motorised stage for automated zone reader guarantees rapid analysis of bioassay plates
Automated colony counting accelerates development of novel pneumococcal vaccines
New colony counting study shows acolyte supercount matches manual counting for accuracy
New automated protocol systems guarantee highly accurate colony counting
New brochure outlines the benefits of automated colony counting with acolyte
Prestigious research centre chooses protocol from synbiosis
Automating reaction zone measurement promises accurate vaccine testing synbiosis
Automated spiral plate counting helps pinpoint source of salmonella outbreak synbiosis
Automated measurement of inhibition zones synbiosis

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