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New Brochure Outlines the Benefits of Automated Colony Counting with aCOLyte

Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological solutions is offering a free brochure on its new, affordable, automated colony counter, åCOLyte. This allows microbiologists the opportunity to see how åCOLyte could improve the efficiency and accuracy of their plate counts.

The full colour brochure summarises åCOLyte's key features including its portability, easy to use software, sophisticated LED lighting and its ability to produce GLP compliant results for professional reports. It also explains what benefits these innovative capabilities offer in terms of increasing productivity and precision.

In addition, the brochure details the main differences between Click'n'Count and SuperCount, the two levels of functionality available with åCOLyte. This ensures potential users can make the right decision about which would best suit the throughput demands of their laboratory.

Simon Johns, International Product Manager for Synbiosis commented: ‘We will be delighted to send the new åCOLyte brochure free of charge to any microbiologist requesting it. It is a useful introduction to the system which reflects the fact that åCOLyte Click'n'Count is an affordable, computerised alternative to a manual light box. It also informs users that by choosing SuperCount, åCOLyte is upgraded to a fully automatic system which promises to bring faster, more accurate colony counting to any microbiology laboratory.’

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Posted on July 4, 2003