ProtoCOL 2 Colony Counting and Zone Sizing System Upgrade

Synbiosis have upgraded their ProtoCOL 2 system. The major additions to the ProtoCOL 2 include a module designed for rapid, accurate total viable counts (TVC) of colonies and zone measurement, an improved set of edit functions and a new database feature making the transfer of batch set-up and experimental results, quick, easy and secure.

Using the new ProtoCOL 2, microbiologists now have the option of using modules that perform applications including rapid total viable counts (TVC) of colonies, spiral plate counting, Ames test counts, inhibition zone measurement and OPKA assay counts. Existing users of ProtoCOL 2 can also take advantage of these new developments simply by upgrading their current ProtoCOL software.

ProtoCOL 2 uses a novel colour classification method which enables the system to image a wide range of coloured colonies and zone measurement plates. A simple wizard set-up process guides the user through a series of steps to configure the system to handle either single plates or a large batch for high throughput processing.

Additionally, ProtoCOL 2 now has an improved grid detection function. On many automated counters this is often a problem because grid lines or dots get confused and are counted as colonies. With ProtoCOL 2 this is no longer an issue as the system easily detects and eliminates grids on membrane filters, ensuring users now achieve unrivalled colony counting accuracy.

ProtoCOL 2 uses a SQL database to enable LIMS compatibility and provide secure storage for scientists' data. Using a SQL database means multiple systems in different countries can store batch information and results data on a central database, which can be easily accessed and downloaded. As an option Synbiosis can now provide the tools to download files via internet explorer.

ProtoCOL 2 software provides several levels of security, allowing lab supervisors or auditors to interrogate the software to determine exactly how results are recorded. The software is designed so scientists that follow and implement these features correctly can ensure their data will comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

Martin Smith of Synbiosis explained: 'ProtoCOL 2 users often told us they want others to access batch information to set up global standard operating procedures for reading specific plate types. Additionally, they said being able at any time to see their colleague's results, even if they are in a different building or country is often critically important.'

Martin continued: 'We are delighted to introduce our new upgrade to ProtoCOL 2 because it provides the features these microbiologists working in academic collaborations, or major pharma companies, need to make these tasks quick and simple. This now means that ProtoCOL 2 is technically superior to anything else currently available and is essential equipment for scientists that have to set up and access colony counting and zone sizing data.'

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Posted on April 18, 2011