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New Motorised Stage for Automated Zone Reader Guarantees Rapid Analysis of Bioassay Plates

Synbiosis have announced the availability of its new motorised stage. The stage, specifically designed for use with Synbiosis's ProtoCOL automated colony counting and inhibition zone measurement system, will save microbiologists valuable time by enabling them to automatically read bioassay plates.

Synbiosis's GLP compliant ProtoCOL consists of a colour digital camera, which automatically transfers a plate image to an integrated computer, where the ProtoCOL's software analyses it. Adding the new motorised stage enables microbiologists to extend the use of a ProtoCOL by allowing them to measure reaction zones on bioassay plates at the touch of a single button. This reduces sample processing from a matter of hours to just a few minutes.

Using plates on the automatic stage, the ProtoCOL's camera can image a wide range of media and its software can compensate for agar thickness and artefacts such as bubbles or debris, making it ideal for bioassay plate work. The data generated can then either be downloaded directly into an Excel spreadsheet or report format saving users time, while still maintaining secure records.

Simon Johns, Divisional Manager for Synbiosis commented: "Our motorised stage opens up a whole new range of applications for the ProtoCOL system. Using the stage combined with a ProtoCOL reduces the time required for analysing a bioassay plate from up to three hours to just three minutes. This will make it an extremely useful tool for manufacturers of anti-infective drugs where time-saving and accuracy are major factors in getting products to market."

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Posted on March 15, 2004

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