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New Brochure Makes Choosing ProtoCOL 2 Quick and Simple

Synbiosis now have available a new brochure on the ProtoCOL 2 series, which details how its automated colony counting and zone measurement range can increase accuracy and productivity in many microbiology applications.

This free 16 page brochure includes an illustrated description of the technology behind the new generation of colony counting and zone measurement products available from Synbiosis; widely acknowledged as leading experts in this field. The brochure which is available immediately can be ordered as a printed copy or downloaded as a PDF directly from the Synbiosis website (Download ProtoCOL 2 Brochure from Synbiosis website).

The brochure details how the innovative ProtoCOL 2 units are the perfect systems for multiple microbiology applications, and includes information on how the new ergonomic design makes the systems easy-to-use. New features are described, including the unique red, blue and green LED lighting configuration (patent pending) and the new software for zone measurement and counting applications and how these ensure that ProtoCOL 2 can increase productivity in any microbiology laboratory. With each ProtoCOL 2 product there is a short summary, as well as additional features and benefits, making it easy for users to rapidly find the right equipment to suit their budget and applications.

Martin Smith of Synbiosis commented: 'At Synbiosis we like to make life easier for our customers and with this new brochure we have done just that. Scientists can see our complete range of ProtoCOL 2 automated colony counting and zone sizing systems and software in one place. This allows them to easily make informed choices to help them set up the perfect ProtoCOL 2 system to improve the quality and throughput of their research or manufacturing capabilities.'

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Posted on October 14, 2009