New External Camera Range for ProtoCOL Allows the Analysis of Bioassay Plates and Microscope Samples

Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems today introduced a range of high resolution, colour digital cameras that can be easily connected to a ProtoCOL automated colony counting and zone sizing system. These cameras offer a cost-effective method of using a ProtoCOL to automatically analyse samples via a microscope or on bioassay plates.

The new Synbiosis cameras offer superb colour reproduction and this combined with their high resolving power makes them perfect for accurately imaging colonies, zones or plaques. The cameras come equipped with the latest FIREWIRE technology allowing microbiologists to see real-time images and benefit by saving valuable time when analysing their samples.

The new ProtoCOL cameras enable users to read a wide range of different media and plate types. They are easy to fit to either a ProtoCOL SR or ProtoCOL HR system, both of which have external connection options for up to two cameras. Microbiologists can now achieve any required magnification with the Synbiosis camera range through attachment to either a macrostand or microscope. This provides the flexibility to increase the range of sample types automatically processed with a ProtoCOL.

Simon Johns, Divisional Manager for Synbiosis explained: "We are delighted to offer digital cameras with such outstanding resolving power and colour imaging capabilities. These extend the use of a ProtoCOL HR and SR to cover a wide range of microscopic or macroscopic imaging applications. Adding an extra Synbiosis camera to a ProtoCOL is an affordable way for microbiologists working with bioassay plates or microscope slides alike to automate sample processing, increasing both productivity and accuracy."

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Posted on June 3, 2004