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Microbiology News: 2014 » August

Quality Assurance in NHS Hospital Pharmacies Supported by Cherwell

Cherwell Cherwell Laboratories will help NHS QA professionals by offering advice and displaying products at the NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Service Annual Symposium.
Posted: 2014-08-28

New Water-Based Rapid Test for Total Aflatoxin Launched

Romer Labs Romer Labs® expands its product portfolio for mycotoxin testing solutions with a new solvent free water-based rapid test for Total Aflatoxin. The kit is the fastest test available on the market, meeting needs for a simple, sensitive and easy-to-use test kit.
Posted: 2014-08-26

AllerFlow Gluten Test Kit for Environmental Samples

Hygiena's AllerFlow Gluten is a cost effective, easy to use specific allergen test kit for the detection of gluten residue on surfaces, suitable for food and beverage manufacturers.
Posted: 2014-08-26

ACCURUN® C. difficile Control Set for Molecular Assay QC

ACCURUN 501 C. difficile Control is formulated for use with in vitro diagnostic tests that detect C. difficile DNA in human stool samples, it's ready-to-use in assays that detect C. difficile DNA with any transport system.
Posted: 2014-08-26

ATCC and bioMérieux Collaborate to Deliver Accurate Microbial Identification

bioMerieux ATCC will incorporate bioMérieux’s VITEK® MS into their authentication and QC processes and help improve the accuracy and range of this MALDI-TOF based pathogen identification solution for large industrials labs.
Posted: 2014-08-26

Product Release of Beverages with Automated Flow Cytometers

bioMerieux Quantitative results can be available within 30 minutes with no requirement for pre-enrichment step for process control samples and commercial sterility testing giving results typically available within 24 to 48 hours with CHEMUNEX® solution from bioMérieux.
Posted: 2014-08-26

Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak Linked to Eggs

Public Health England are investigating 247 cases of Salmonella Enteritidis associated with consumption of eggs from a single source.
Posted: 2014-08-25

DuPont™ BAX® Listeria Assay Certified AOAC PTM for Food and Environmentals

The BAX® assay for Listeria species uses a shorter, single-stage enrichment and can be run in conjunction with real-time PCR assays for L. monocytogenes and Salmonella, allowing labs to receive results for all three in a little over an hour after enrichment.
Posted: 2014-08-25

Mycoplasma Testing for Cell Therapy Products

White paper tracks the progression of culture-based testing methods to the use of PCR based mycoplasma testing currently being considered by the FDA in lot release tests for all biologics, including cell therapies.
Posted: 2014-08-25

Real-Time RT-PCR Kits for Ebola from MoBiTec

Ebola Virus (EBOV) Real Time RT-PCR Kit is available now; product code QR-0220-01 (Light Cycler) and QR-0220-02 (non Light Cycler). For research use only.
Posted: 2014-08-25

ATCC Vector-borne Research Materials – New!

Genomic DNA from Babesia microti and synthetically-derived RNA representing Dengue virus types I-IV help in development of molecular-based assays for pathogen detection or quantification.
Posted: 2014-08-25

Cherwell Offers Process Validation Advice and Solutions at PHSS 2014

Cherwell/PHSS Cherwell provides high-quality solutions to meet the environmental monitoring and process validation requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
Posted: 2014-08-25

Unique Internal HEPA Filtration System for Anaerobic Workstation

Don Whitley All atmosphere in the Whitley A35 HEPA anaerobic workstation passes through the unique internal HEPA filter every four seconds ensuring the chamber environment is cleaned quickly.
Posted: 2014-08-25

Sample Testing Advice for Ebola Virus

As part of Public Health England's Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance there is a section on frequently asked questions on laboratory testing of samples from patients with possible Ebola virus disease.
Posted: 2014-08-21

New Lab M Website Improves Route to Microbiology Resources

Lab M Website New Lab M website promises added functionality, simpler navigation and direct links to social media channels. Visitors can access and download full product information, certificates of analysis and materials safety.
Posted: 2014-08-19

HiberGene Secures Licence for LAMP Technology

Hibergene diagnostics will begin manufacturing and marketing Meningitis and Group B streptococcus products while also developing a range of other tests for human infectious diseases.
Posted: 2014-08-19

Specimen Collection, Transport, Testing Suspected Ebola Virus

CDC provides interim guidance for laboratorians and other healthcare personnel collecting or handling specimens on appropriate specimen collection, transport and testing of specimens from patients who are suspected to be infected with Ebola virus.
Posted: 2014-08-19

Results of USDA Study on Water-Based Aflatoxin Tests

Results of recent USDA study as part of National Mycotoxin QA program, Neogen, Charm, and Envirologix test kits were compared against a GIPSA reference method.
Posted: 2014-08-19

A2LA Updates CMS-Approved Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Program

A2LA has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to accredit clinical laboratories (for all specialties and sub-specialties) to the requirements contained within the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).
Posted: 2014-08-18

foodproof® real-time PCR Food Allergen Kits

Molecular detection of food allergens - Celery and Gluten detection, for products and cleaning validation, BIOTECON Diagnostics foodproof® real-time PCR kits.
Posted: 2014-08-14

Simplette® Straws - Easy Sample Transfer from Stomacher Bags

Disposable Simplettes are designed to transfer prepared samples from the bottom of a Stomacher® bag without risk of cross contamination as the handset has no contact with the bag.
Posted: 2014-08-12

Rapid Diagnostic Test for Ebola Still a Long Way Off

Corgenix currently serves as the principal investigator for the new NIH-funded three-year contract to complete the development of recombinant diagnostic tests for Ebola.
Posted: 2014-08-11

Endo-RS® Endotoxin Recovery Kit Addresses Masking

Endotoxin Recovery Kit Endo-RS® Endotoxin Recovery Kit is a novel sample preparation kit enabling complete endotoxin recovery in biopharmaceutical drug formulations containing non-ionic surfactants.
Posted: 2014-08-07

Release Dairy Products Within 24 Hours Rather Than Days

Chemunex Dairy testing Chemunex solution can count every living cell, dairy producers can get faster product release leading to payback time of less than 2 years. Yeast and Mould results in fermented milk products, 1 CFU per pack detected in UHT products.
Posted: 2014-08-06

Campylobacter Found on 59% UK Supermarket Chickens

UK Food Standards Agency survey of Camplyobacter on fresh shop-bought chickens., of 853 chickens show 59% of birds tested positive for the presence of Campylobacter. In 4% of samples Campylobacter was identified on the outside of the packaging.
Posted: 2014-08-05

Detect + Protect Solutions Service for Food Microbiology

The DuPont Detect + Protect program is comprised of three fee-for-service modules: Assess – the microbial environment through sampling and biomapping, Monitor – the microbial evolution in products, Control – unwanted organisms with antimicrobials and/or processing hurdles.
Posted: 2014-08-05

More Testing for Salmonella and Camplyobacter in Poultry

FSIS will require all poultry facilities to perform their own microbiological testing at two points in their production process to show that they are controlling Salmonella and Campylobacter. These requirements are in addition to FSIS' own testing, which the agency will continue with.
Posted: 2014-08-05

Automated PCR-Setup for Detection of Food Pathogens

Automated PCR Food Microbiology The foodproof® Robo-Prep+ HT for automated, high sample throughput of real-time PCR assays for food pathogens, RoboSet+ a second automated PCR-Setup solution especially for the food sector and for laboratories with lower number of samples.
Posted: 2014-08-04

New BacTrace® Antibodies for Foodbourne Pathogen Assay Developers

BacTrace polyclonal antibodies can be used as capture or detection antibodies and offer higher sensitivity than commercially available monoclonal antibodies, for developers of foodbourne assays.
Posted: 2014-08-04

3M Celebrates Thirty Years of Petrifilm Plate Innovations

3M Petrifilm innovations First introduced in 1984, the 3M Petrifilm Plate technology has long been the industry standard for efficient and reliable colony interpretation and enumeration for food and beverage processors.
Posted: 2014-08-04

BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for L. monocytogenes

A quick and reliable method for detecting L. monocytogenes in a variety of products the DuPont™ BAX® System Real-Time PCR assay for L. monocytogenes has shorter, simpler sample preparation and faster real-time processing.
Posted: 2014-08-04

ATCC External Controls Ensure Your Test Systems are Performing

For assay validation, ATCC offers an expansive array of authenticated cultures and nucleic acid preparations for use as external controls in: Nucleic acid extraction, Process verification, Amplification, Proficiency testing.
Posted: 2014-08-04

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