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4th August 2014  Content supplied by: KPL, Inc.

New BacTrace® Antibodies for Foodbourne Pathogen Assay Developers

KPL have added three new products to its growing line of BacTrace antibodies: BacTrace® Antibody Coated Latex Beads, BacTrace® STEC Antibodies, and BacTrace® Salmonella CSA-Plus Antibodies. These tools are designed for use by researchers and developers of foodborne pathogen assays. As polyclonals, the BacTrace antibodies can be used as capture or detection antibodies and offer higher sensitivity than commercially available monoclonal antibodies.

KPL’s BacTrace® Latex Beads are easy-to-use tools that enable the qualitative detection of 6 different STEC serotypes and Salmonella serotypes. As the only coated latex beads utilizing the proven BacTrace STEC antibodies, results are obtained in just five minutes.

KPL’s new BacTrace® STEC (Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli) Antibodies are suited for a variety of immunodetection and immunoselection applications, utilizing the industry-proven ECAP (Encapsulated Column Affinity Purification) technology.  Two new antibodies to E. coli O104 and O91 are being released.

BacTrace® Salmonella CSA-Plus Antibody offers the broadest specificity to Salmonella serogroups and is ideally suited for a variety of immunoassays and immunoseparation applications. This antibody provides assay developers and researchers a proven tool to detect Salmonella serogroups A, B, C, D, E and G with high sensitivity. It is an improved version of the commercially-proven anti-Salmonella CSA-1 antibody with enhanced reactivity to serogroups C2-C3 and G.


Date Published: 4th August 2014

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