Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Redipor® Prepared Media

Prepared Microbiology Media
Manufacturer: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Automation: None required

Approvals: ISO9001 manufacturing

Suitability: Regulated Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Capital equipment required: None required


Cherwell an ISO9001 accredited company manufacture the Redipor® range of prepared media to the pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Contact Plates - Petri Dishes - Gamma Irradiated Media - Bottled Media - Broth Bags - Ampoules.


Key Points:
  • Poured Plates - wide range available but we can also prepare bespoke media meeting your own requirements
  • Gamma Irradiated Media - triple wrapped and ready for the cleanroom or isolator
  • Barrier Pack VHP Impermeable Products
  • Screw Cap Bottled Products
  • Injection Vials & DIN Bottles
  • Broth Bags & Ampoules
Manufacture details:

Cherwell Laboratories Ltd


United Kingdom

Email: sales@cherwell-labs.co.uk

Tel: +[44] 1869 355500

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