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14th November 2022  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Ultra HD Inhibition Zone Reader - Unequalled Image Quality

Scan 4000 Ultra HD inhibition zone reader "State-of-the-art technology"

Scan 4000 is an ultra HD inhibition zone reader. It has been designed for the pharmaceutical industries, medical research and animal health. It reads 120 mm square dishes and round dishes up to 150 mm. Scan 4000 also counts colonies on Petri dishes.

  • Inhibition zone measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
  • Fast: up to 16 inhibition zones in 2 to 4 seconds
  • Protocols: wells, peni-cylinders, paper disks
  • Interpretation systems: EUCAST, CA-SFM, CLSI and customizable

Quick results
Scan 4000 reads up to 16 antibiotics on a Petri dish in just 2-4 seconds.

Detection on all Petri dishes
Scan 4000 automatically detects the peni-cylinders, present or removed, made of steel or plastic. It also reads agar wells or paper disks (any brand). Add/remove disks manually. The inhibition zones can also be resized. Scan 4000 allows reading on blood, chocolate, or Mueller Hinton agar. In its automatic colony counter mode, Scan 4000 counts colonies on round or square Petri dishes.

21 CFR Part 11 included
The Scan software complies with FDA recommendations, particularly on audit trails and the security of results.

The user account management, integrated into the software, allows the creation of up to 5 levels of rights. The Supervisor-Administrator has all the roles, while the other roles are subject to certain rights. Password management secures user accounts.

Data import
: SIL/LIMS connection, Bar-code, dataLink

Scan 4000 connects to the LIMS in bi-directionality and can be connected to the diluter and plater via the dataLink traceability system.

Data export
Scan 4000 offers multiple export possibilities to save manual input time. It also increases the security and quality of your analyses.

Usually, Petri dishes are thrown away after counting, and no further verification is possible in the event of a claim. With Scan 4000, all reports are archived.

Export your results to your PC or archive them as CSV, Excel™, OpenOffice™, PDF, SCA or BIO format.

You can also export images as JPEG, PNG and BMP format.

Printed results
All data, images, photos and results are exportable in printed reports, sca, pdf, jpg, xls, csv.

Integrated databases
The Scan software is equipped with a database of antibiotics from the French Society of Microbiology (CA-SFM 2020), the European Committee of Antibiograms (EUCAST 2020), the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). This database can be modified by the user.

Scan 4000 makes it possible to check the effectiveness of an antibiotic on a microorganism by measuring the zone of inhibition. In addition, it adapts to perform titration and/or antibiotic dosage in the pharmaceutical industry. In the field of animal health, the Scan evaluates antimicrobial resistance with its SIR interpretation.

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Date Published: 14th November 2022

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