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Swab Sampling Kits are Ready for Collection

TSC's Swab Sampling Kits are sampling and transport devices that are convenient, cost effective and ready to use for routine hygiene monitoring and general hygiene analysis of microorganisms on almost all surfaces.

Part of TSC's successful Enviroscreen Range, Swab sampling kits (aka Swab Rinse Kits) are individually wrapped in a secure, tamper proof peel pouch for end user confidence. Each pouch contains a sealed transport tube with neutralising buffer and a capped swab. Customers can choose from a variety of neutralising buffers and a wide selection of swab tips and shafts for a broad range of applications. Surfaces can be sampled using the swab dry or pre-moistened in the buffer from the tube.

Swab sampling kits are designed to be used as part of a pathogen environmental monitoring program and using a neutralising buffer allows cleanliness to be accurately verified and maintained with minimal effort and cost.

Sampling with neutralising buffer is an excellent way to monitor the effectiveness of disinfectants and/or sanitisers and to stop the user thinking the area is clean, when it isn't. This may shorten the shelf life of products, increase spoilage rates and potentially cause poisoning outbreaks, especially in sensitive environments, such as in the medical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

All Enviroscreen products are sterilised by gamma irradiation to SAL 10-6 for total product confidence and certificates of conformity can be provided for each batch

For further details on surface swab kits and a free sample please call +44(0)1706 620600

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Date Published: 12th November 2012

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