Ready-to-Use Poultry Boot Swab Kits

Poultry Boot Swab Kits Salmonella

For simple, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly monitoring of the presence of Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry flocks, Technical Service Consultants (TSC) offer a complete Poultry Boot swab kit.

Recommended for regular in-house hygiene and environmental sampling of poultry houses, boot swabs are far more effective and sensitive for the detection of Salmonella than the traditional Drag swab method of testing and are as sensitive as hand collection of litter.

The TSC Salmonella Poultry Boot swab kit consists of a ready-to-use Poultry Boot Swab pre-moistened in MRD, overboots, gloves and a minigrip bag within a medical grade bag. Using TSC Poultry Boot swabs means producers can take samples at their own convenience within the poultry house with significant reduction in time and costs.

Swabs are dosed with buffer, gamma irradiated and have a 12 months shelf life, visit

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Date Published: July 30, 2015

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