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3rd April 2023  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Pure Water - Instantly, With SteriWater®

Sterile water is used in microbiology, cell culture and physico-chemistry laboratories, particularly in the preparation of culture media.     

Preparing sterile water is a time-consuming process. SteriWater® is an instant water sterilization solution, as opposed to using a 15-minute sterilization cycle at 121°C.  

"SteriWater means having instant sterile water at your fingertips. We have seen in the laboratory that this increases tenfold the benefits of instaBAG®, a bag with pre-dosed and dehydrated media for microbiological analysis."
Mohamed Mehadji, Application Engineer, Interscience Microbiology Application Service

SteriWater offers many benefits
- Instantaneous 

Reduces sterile water production time
No need to autoclave the bottle and the water

- Easy to use
No need to handle heavy loads and bottles
Reduces waste

- SteriWater is ideal for use with instaBAG
Quick use of instaBAG, bag with pre-dosed dehydrated medium   

How it works:
The water is sterilized using a 0.2 µm filter which removes biological contaminants, including bacteria, molds and yeasts. The filter is connected to the tubing, the whole unit is sterile and is fitted to gravimetric dilutors and peristaltic pumps. The water flow is ensured by a mechanical action outside the tubing (without risk of cross-contamination) using a peristaltic block.

Use SteriWater for all your sterile water needs in the laboratory:

Sample dilution:
SteriWater simplifies sample dilution with sterile water using a DiluFlow® Elite gravimetric dilutor and instaBAG dehydrated media bags.

instaBAG is a filter bag that incorporates a pre-dosed dehydrated medium for 10g and 25g protocols diluted to the 10th. It is available in BPW, Fraser ½ and milk powder for solid sample preparation, pathogen testing according to ISO 7218 and ISO 4833-2.   

SteriWater provides instant sterile water.   

Preparation of sterile water :
SteriWater can also be used with a FlexiPump® peristaltic pump to prepare sterile water.

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Date Published: 3rd April 2023

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