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9th May 2016  Content supplied by: Labplas Inc.

New Way of Dispensing Blender Bags in Your Lab

LabPlas have introduced a novel way of dispensing blender bags. This new approach to the conventional blender bag packaging offers quicker, easier dispensing.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Tear-off junction between each bag ensures internal sterility right up until the time of use
  • No tear off strip
  • Easy storage and is transportable anywhere in the lab
  • Sterility confirmation documentation (CofA) is available in each box (traceable certificate)
  • Product meets USDA and ACIA industry standards and is made of FDA-compliant material

To learn more about the Secure-Strip® dispenser please visit www.labplas.com/en/secure-strip or watch the YouTube video here.



Date Published: 9th May 2016

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