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19th May 2020  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

NEW easySpiral Pro Milk, an Automatic Sample Plater, Ideal for Analyses in the Dairy Industry

INTERSCIENCE provides a complete range of products for sample preparation for its microbiological analyses and announces the launch of a new easySpiral Pro Milk automatic plater for the dairy industry.

easySpiral Pro Milk is an automatic Petri dish plater. It allows a loaded sample of 100 to 1x107 UFC/mL to be plated on a single Petri dish, without prior dilution. easySpiral Pro Milk is particularly suitable for analysing raw materials and milk payment. "It is at the request of the dairy industries that we have enriched our range by offering this plater which allows direct sampling in a tube, which the dairy industries use." says Manon Laborie, Application Specialist.

This new automatic plater allows qualitative analyses to be made for the payment of milk which goes through nutritional and bacteriological criteria. The results will give the qualitative and therefore financial value of the milk.

  • Automatic plater designed for dairy industries
  • Analyses of raw material and milk payment
  • Counting range: from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL
  • In accordance with ISO 7218 and ISO 4833-2

Key Benefits:

  • Fast – Duration of a plating cycle: 25s
  • Reliable - Plating modes: exponential, pour, circle
  • Direct sampling - The test is taken directly in the support (eg: pillbox, pot, etc.) for inoculation.
  • Safe – no cross-contamination because there is no sample transfer. Therefore also ideal for expensive samples (eg active ingredients, etc.)


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Date Published: 19th May 2020

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