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4th October 2018  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Learn all About ScanStation

ScanStation is a revolution for microbiological analyses: it detects and count colonies as soon as they appear at the beginning of the incubation. It is a real-time revolution providing anticipated results for control quality labs in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, cosmetic industries and research. The anticipated results saves time and allows earlier release of production batches

"To actually see, in real-time, the video of bacterial growth on the Petri dishes is truly innovative. Counting the colonies from the first stages of their development is really surprising for a microbiologist and ensures a totally new quality and speed of results." says Sylvie Viboud, PhD, Head of Microbiology at INTERSCIENCE.

Features and benefits of the ScanStation include; 

Fast- colony counting begins at an early stage of the colony development, starting from 8h of incubation.

Accurate -  colonies are detected before clustering or spreading can occur

Time-saving - automatic colony counting during incubation for 100 Petri dishes saves time

Anticipated results -  earlier release of production batches, with plates available for confirmation

Powerful, intuitive software - an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for counting and control

Watch the Video

Multiple award winner: 

Innovation Award Trophy (Productivity / R.O.I categories)

Forum Labo, Paris, France - General Public Award Trophy 2017 Forum Labo, Paris, France

Design Observer Label 2018 - Observer du Design, Paris, France

Innovative Companies' Trophy 2017 - Cci / La Montagne, Aurillac, France

INTERSCIENCE PDA Conference Booth #400

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Date Published: 4th October 2018

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