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27th January 2022  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

DiluFlow Elite 1 kg Cosmetics

The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg, part of the INTERSCIENCE DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors range, allows the gravimetric dilution of small volume samples.

For these samples, which are between 1 g and 10 g, it is preferable to use 9 mL tubes rather than bags, for greater accuracy and to avoid loss of valuable materials.

Thanks to its removable platform and clamp, the DiluFlow Elite 1 kg dilutor supports the cosmetic protocol for 1g samples which is to dilute to 1/10th. The 9 mL tubes are therefore recommended.

There are therefore gains in accuracy, space for stocks, and an ecological gain because the tubes are easy to store and reusable.

"All the major cosmetic groups have now adopted this protocol of diluting the sample via tubes because it makes more sense for the sample and for the environment while offering better accuracy." explains Manon Laborie, INTERSCIENCE Application Manager.

Finally, the DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors allow for extensive sample traceability.

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Date Published: 27th January 2022

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