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Subscribe to Lonza's QC Testing eNews & Donate to ERDG Get the latest in QC Testing by subscribing to our quarterly e-Newsletter and help support horseshoe crab conservation. Our featured content includes:Technical tipsWhite papersWebinarsExclusive news itemsFor each subscription, a $1.00 donation will be made to ERDG, the Ecological Research & Development Group,

Lonza QC Testing

We’ve walked in your shoes and know the challenges you face in a regulated, manufacturing environment. As a manufacturer ourselves, we face them too. Our decades of experience are part of every QC Testing product and service we offer. We know your business depends on the quality and reliability of your

Puritan UniTranz-RT™

Stock up for Flu Season!Safe, effective, and easy to use, Puritan’s UniTranz-RT™ Universal Transport Systems are versatile in culturing viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and ureplasma samples.Ready-to-use collection and transport system with patented PurFlock Ultra® flocked swabMaintains organism viability at room temperatureAvailable in 1ml & 3ml volumes with various swab-handle configurationsFully

Charles River Horseshoe Crab Conservation

Horseshoe crabs are a critical biomedical resource, and humane treatment and conservation are an intrinsic component of our procedures.As an LAL manufacturer, it’s our goal to make blood donation as safe for horseshoe crabs as it is for humans. Our licensed fishermen gather crabs by hand for measured blood collection

Charles River Axcess™ System

Charles River is lifting the velvet rope to a microbial identification system designed exclusively for use in your facility.For the first time, the industry’s leading validated database of diverse production facility microbes is available through our Axcess™ System. By connecting the Bruker MALDI Biotyper to the Accugenix® databases, Axcess™ unlocks

Interscience Plate & Count System®

Plate & Count System® BOOSTS YOUR LAB WORK !Enjoy rapid, standardized and fully traceable results with Plate & Count System®Serial dilutions up to 10-5 & automatic plating in spread and pour modes with easySpiral Dilute®Petri dish labelling system with DataLinkTMAutomatic colony counting with Scan® 1200 using Datamatrix dataComplies with CFR 21 part 11,

Innovation in Microbiology QC Testing

Miss the days of unwound cassette tapes? Neither do we. With a passion for innovation, our team has provided QC testing solutions to ensure your compliance with regulatory standards while setting new standards in test performance for more than 30 years.With a goal of offering exceedingly precise and robust microbial solutions, we

Copan ESwab™

ESwab™ - 1mL of Liquid Amies and a flocked swab ESwab™ is a liquid-based, multipurpose, open platform, collection and preservation system that maintains viability of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at refrigerator and room temperature.Elutes all the specimen into solution for expanded testing capabilities! Multipurpose and Universal

bioMérieux AES Blue LineTM

Dilute and Blend with AES Blue LineTM Bring automated sample preparation into your food microbiology lab - boost productivity and improve compliance.- Save valuable operator time Dilute 25g samples in 10 secs. with the DilumatTM Homogenize in up to 15 secs. with SmasherTM - the silent blender- Be compliant with ISO7218 and BAM- 

Puritan EnviroMax®/EnviroMax Plus® and ESK® Sampling kits

If our environmental swabs don’t find anything, there’s nothing to find. The EnviroMax® (dry) and EnviroMax Plus® (pre-moistened) swabs are oversized and ideal for sampling large surfaces or equipment parts. A paddle-like structure located within the foam tip gives the tip stability and makes it easier to reach into crevices