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Look Closer! White Paper: Trends in Endotoxin Testing

Do you know what topics are being discussed in the endotoxin testing community? Our White Paper, “Trends in Endotoxin Testing - Exploring the Hottest Topics of 2017 and Beyond,” covers the trends, issues and opportunities discussed during our 2017 Global Endotoxin Testing Summit. Topics covered: - The conservation of the horseshoe crab

Get All the Information You Need to #FlockTheFlu This 2017/2018 Season

At Puritan, we produce the high-quality products that make it simple to effectively collect, transport, and process viral specimens in order to yield a timely diagnosis. To do our part with this year’s flu season, we’ve made it easier than ever to get the flu-related products you need, when you

Data Integrity Eliminating Risk & Human Error in Endotoxin Testing

How much is Human Error Costing You?The human element can never be eliminated completely, but what can be done to mitigate errors and maintain your data's integrity?Our Data Integrity webinar discusses how utilizing an organized, risk-based approach to closing gaps in processes caused by human error allows users to demonstrate

Just Released! White Paper: Ensuring Data Integrity in the BET

Data Integrity is not a new regulatory requirement, but important throughout your entire endotoxin testing process.Do you know if you’re compliant in your endotoxin testing?Our new White Paper guides you through a risk-based approach questionnaire using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and helps you identify risks that may

Thermo Scientific™ Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) Solutions

Expand your formulary to include the latest antimicrobials and increase the effectiveness of your AST program. We offer an extensive range of antimicrobials for AST, including the latest in antimicrobials for Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms.Our Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Systems offer a scalable, flexible solution for AST:•Selection of over 240 antimicrobials•Custom

Plate Results 3x Earlier than a Traditional Analysis: 8h Instead of 24h

ScanStation in brief: 1 incubator 100 Petri dishes capacity + 1 robotic arm transfers the Petri dishes + 1 automatic colony counter The ScanStation is a revolution for microbiological analyses: it detects and counts colonies as soon as they appear at the beginnning of the incubation. The anticipated results save time and allow earlier release of production batches

Accugenix® Tracking and Trending

Your environmental monitoring program data needs to show a state of control, but are you using the right tool for the job?Charles River’s Accugenix® portal offers Tracking and Trending features that aggregate critical EM data, allowing you to focus on risk management.

bioMérieux one stop complete Virus solution

our complete solution features:- Assistance in setting up your foodborne virus operation- Practical training for all ISO15216 and non-ISO matrices- mengovirus ISO recommended external process control- eGene-Up RNA/DNA virus extraction platform- NucliSENS lysis and wash buffers, silica beads as recommended in ISO- Gene-Up Real Time PCR open platform- ceeramTools reagents

Ensuring Data Integrity by Automated Microbiology Testing - Whitepaper

Microbiology is largely believed to be the last bastion of manual sampling and handling, giving it the reputation of being far from any possible data integrity friendly solution. This is not necessarily true however. Data integrity is a company culture, achievable with paper and manual solutions.Microbiology testing in pharmaceutical development and

Run your Facility. Don’t Let it Run You.

Concerned about maintaining your data integrity compliance status? Managing your equipment fleet? Upcoming regulatory inspections?You’re supposed to run your facility, not the other way around.As an all-encompassing endotoxin test management platform, Charles River Cortex™ empowers you to make informed, confident decisions while maintaining a centralized state of control throughout