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Reliable Walk-away Petri Dish Media Filler

  When filling agar medium into Petri dishes, a sterile environment is of utmost importance. However, the risk of contaminating the agar medium if poured manually into Petri dishes should not be underestimated. Even if using a peristaltic pump, sterility might be jeopardized as dishes and tubes are manipulated by hand. In

Third Annual Endotoxin Testing Summit 2017

Lonza is pleased to invite you to attend our third annual Endotoxin Testing Summit 2017. Interact with QC Directors, lab managers, key opinion leaders and regulators; discuss the current status of industry hot topics, like data integrity and Low Endotoxin Recovery, and recent updates on regulatory guidelines related to endotoxin testing. Enjoy a

Discover How CHEMUNEX® Solution Will Improve Your Profitability

 Discover how CHEMUNEX® solution will improve your profitability, gaining efficiency on both production floor and laboratory.Accelerate the supply chain Release your products faster Decrease up to 20% off the required storage areaReduce Production time Save up to 12 days on quarantine time Rapidly respond to contamination incidentsReduce Quality control time Test commercial

3P® Plates for Environmental Monitoring of Cleanrooms and Isolators

 bioMérieux develops and manufactures a wide range of microbiology solutions specially designed to fulfill the specific requirements of the BioPharmaceutical Industry such as our 3P® plates (Pharmaceutical Proven Performances) for environmental monitoring of clean rooms and isolators.These plates offer you the best compromise between excellent growth and good neutralization

Automated Media Filler for Plates and Tubes

 Compact in design - MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the unique flexibility to fill Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments or test tubes of various diameters and length.  - automated preparation of consistent high quality, contamination-free media in Petri dishes and test tubes - built-in "Agar Spread

Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab® Collection and Transport System

A New Fecal Testing Kit From Puritan!Puritan Medical Products would like to announce their brand new Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab® Collection and Transport System. This all-in-one kit has everything needed for the collection and transport of clinical fecal specimens — either from stool or rectal sample collection. Each kit includes a sterile HydraFlock®

New Low Endotoxin Recovery White Paper from Lonza

Just Released! LER White PaperAs QC professionals, you may know that Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER) continues to be a topic of debate and complex challenge in the endotoxin community.To help ensure the latest developments about LER are available to QC professionals, like you, our new White Paper, “LER: Beyond the Controversy”

Charles River Microbial Solutions

Charles River Microbial Solutions Rest assured, if it’s in there, we’ll find it – and tell you what it is. Our purposely-built portfolio of micro QC products and services delivers the rapid, accurate and reliable data you need to fuel quick decisions on product quality for release. Place

Lonza QC Insider™ Toolbox

Look Closer! LER FAQs Technical TipLow Endotoxin Recovery (LER) is a current topic of debate in the endotoxin community. It has been defined as the masking of endotoxin in undiluted biological drug products. To help ensure QC professionals are equipped with the latest information about LER, resources are available in our QC