Charles River Endosafe Trillium rCR cartridges

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Still Hammering Pipette Tips Instead of Nailing your Science?

INTEGRA Biosciences is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to improve pipetting in any application. It developed its GripTip pipette tips range to overcome the problems experienced by Tina – the star of a new INTEGRA comic – which are all too familiar to scientists working at the bench. Universal pipette tips require

Surfaces Vary. Trust Puritan Environmental Sampling Swabs.

We know surfaces vary and after 100 years of experience, you can trust us for your testing needs. Rely on Puritan's EnviroMax® (dry) and EnviroMax Plus® (pre-moistened) environmental sampling swabs for all of the food sample, surface and equipment testing you do to keep your product safe for consumers. Our

Comprehensive Surface Monitoring Methods You Can Afford

When it comes to Surface Monitoring, we understand your challenges with reducing the risk of contamination in products and processes all throughout your production environment. Our diverse range of surface monitoring solutions are both affordable and easy-to-use. Whether you need to routinely or occasionally monitor conventional surfaces or limited access areas, we'll

PyroGene™ recombinant Factor C Assay Validation Protocol

Adoption of alternative endotoxin test methods, like PyroGene™ rFC, are on the rise as recombinant methods have proven equivalency to LAL-based methods and have already been accepted by several global regulatory authorities. The validation required for the PyroGene™ rFC Assay is identical to what would be needed for any

Rapid Microbial Detection for Enterobacteriaceae

Based on automated optical technology that combines simple methodology and classic microbiology, Soleris provides rapid, accurate and reproducible detection for a variety of spoilage and indicator organisms. Our new S2-EBAC9 vial for Enterobacteriaceae can provide rapid results in under 24 hours with no need for confirmation, in comparison to three days when

Update on Microbiology Products for Food Testing

Find out about verification and validation of test kits, plus browse through: kits for STEC next-generation ATP monitoring how to hold surface swabs for up to 72 hours before testing improve serial dilutions for all sample types a highly sensitive and specific test for Salmonella species in spices, flavourings reliable surrogates

INTEGRA Expands the EVOLVE Manual Pipette Family

INTEGRA Biosciences is expanding the EVOLVE manual pipette range with the launch of the new 16-channel EVOLVE. Ergonomically designed to increase productivity and improve user handling, the new model is available in 10, 50 and 100 µl formats. The 16-channel option features 4.5 mm tip spacing, ideal for working with 384-well plates, reducing the number

PyroTec™ PRO Automated Robotic Solution for Endotoxin Testing

Traditional endotoxin testing involves a number of manual preparation steps that are prone to human error. As a result, retest rates and Out of Specification results can increase, which can impact patient safety in the delivery time to accurate and dependable results. To address these issues, we have created the PyroTec™

Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma Kit - The Optimal Solution for Mycoplasma Testing of Cell-Based Therapeutics.

The Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma Kit utilizes quantitative, real-time PCR (qPCR) as the method of choice for sensitive and reliable detection of mycoplasma contamination and combines several technical features: Mycoplasma detection within 3 hours Comprehensive qPCR kit validation for compliant final release testing Highest Specificity by TaqMan™ probes Two results

Neogen’s Solutions for Environmental Monitoring

Are you worried about Listeria in your production environment? Is cross contamination with allergens a problem? Do you want to verify your hygiene programme is actually working? Environmental monitoring is a critical component of food safety programmes, and can include testing for ATP, allergens and pathogens such as Listeria Neogen provides solutions