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Ready to Use (RTU) Microbiology Culture Media

Ready to use media allows labs to focus on getting microbiology results and not on preparation and performance testing of media. There's may different formats and suppliers to choose from:

Special Focus on Surface Monitoring in Production Environments

Whether in food or pharmaceutical production areas the presence of microorganisms on production surfaces is a vital component of maintaining product quality and safety.  From swabs and contact plates through to molecular kits for food pathogen testing:

Concept Anaerobic & Microaerophilic Workstations by Baker Ruskinn!

The Concept range has been rigorously tested to maximize productivity of systemized anaerobic or microaerophilic incubation; bringing together a host of features that you can trust, bringing immediate benefits to your busy laboratory. The removable pop-off front cover (Pop-Off™) makes set-up and cleaning so easy; the modular-design provides users with true

Products for Microbiological Monitoring of Surfaces in Production Environments

Reaching a New Benchmark in Surface Monitoring Get Your Environmental Surface Testing Checklist from Puritan Neogen's solutions for Environmental Surface Monitoring Measuring Contamination Quickly and Easily Liofilchem’s Solutions for the Environmental Monitoring of Surfaces Solus One Next Day Results from Environmental Samples SGL Aircheck® & Surfacecheck® 

Webinar In Vitro Pyrogen Testing 

Detection of the full range of endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogens in one test. The PyroMAT® system is the only cell-line based Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) provided as a ready-to-use kit on the market: a new solution for sensitive, robust, and easy-to-perform pyrogen testing. Key topics:  The current status of pyrogen

What are the Differences Between LAL and Alternative Endotoxin Detection Methods?

As alternative methods to the well established LAL test for endotoxin are being introduced to the market - what is the extent of this new approach on real-world samples and how do the results compare across the range of critical characteristics, including specificity? In this article recently published in PDA Letter, John

Allergen Insider - Download Today

In this issue of Insider we take a look at rapid, easy-to-use lateral flow tests as well as the advantages of proficiency tests. Find out about the benefits of having an established allergen testing partner, and how Neogen can support you with allergen analysis every step of the way. Take the Allergen

[Live Webinar] Want to know more about in vitro pyrogen testing?

PyroMAT® System: the easy solution for in vitro pyrogen detection  The PyroMAT® system is the only cell-line based Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) provided as a ready-to-use kit on the market: a new solution for sensitive, robust, and easy-to-perform pyrogen testing. Make the move to the monocyte activation test—

What Can an Inaccurate ID Cost You?

More than you think.  With inventory recalls, extensive investigations, and possible compromise of consumer safety, is it worth the risk? Encompassing over 7,000 relevant bacterial and 3,000 fungal species, our Accugenix® libraries are continually updated based on frequently occurring organisms in facilities around the world. Don't jeopardize your brand. Identify

Neogen Culture Media

Neogen specialises in the development and manufacture of microbiological culture media. Designed to support compliance with global reference methods including ISO and BAM, Neogen Culture Media has an international reputation for high quality products you can trust. Neogen Culture Media offers over 200 culture media products, available in dehydrated, convenience and ready-to-use formats

safe and easy sterility testing patented dual needle unique sterisart septum watch video

Data Integrity as an Indicator of Quality Control Issues

BioMerieux at PDA 2023

Condalab Brochure Download

Charles River Webinar Recombinant Cascade Reagent

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