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Microbiology Test Method Guides

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Using PCR to Genotype Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

This test method on genotyping antibiotic-resistance bacteria gives an overview on the benefits of using moleuclar methods to detect strains with antibiotic resistance genes.

Vibrio Species Detection and Identification in Seafood

How to enrich, detect and identify the three main pathogenic species, Vibrio cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus, from seafood. Rapid real-time PCR methods and alternative confirmatory agar is available

Water - Microbiological Analysis Test Method Guide

Theory and practice of microbiology testing of water, sampling techniques, filtration, the use of indicator organisms - list of suppliers of rapid water testing kits.

Zika Virus - Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic products for detection of zkia virus infection