Microbiology Test Method Guides

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UHT Food and Beverage Microbiology

Review of microbiology rapid methods for the detection of spoilage of UHT foods and beverages - pre-incubation times, microbial detection, HACCP and automation.

Vibrio Species Detection and Identification in Seafood

How to enrich, detect and identify the three main pathogenic species, Vibrio cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus, from seafood. Rapid real-time PCR methods and alternative confirmatory agar is available

Water - Microbiological Analysis 

Overview of the theory and practice of microbiology testing of water, sampling techniques, filtration, the use of indicator organisms - list of suppliers of rapid water testing kits.

Zika Virus - Diagnostic Tests

  How to best combat the Zika virus is a crucial question for researchers in the health field. Understanding the disease and having adequate samples is the first line of defense. As with any illness, laboratory testing helps scientists and researchers recognize the hazards of new viruses as well as