Microbiology Test Method Guides

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Salmonella Detection and Identification Methods for Food Processors

Kits for Salmonella detection in foods - chromogenic media, PCR, immunoassay

Sampling and Testing Sterile Products

How to sample and test products for compendial sterility testing - kit suppliers

SARS-CoV-2 Buyers Guide for Diagnostic Kit Developers and Researchers (incl. qPCR reagents and secondary antibodies)

This guide for COVID-19 diagnostic kit developers and researchers provides industry information and supplier contacts to aid in assay development. Find all the components you need; from recombinant proteins and reagents to full contract assay developers. 

SARS-CoV-2 Surface Testing - Test Method and Buyer's Guide

Buyers guide for SARS-CoV-2 surface testing kits highlighting the risk of infection from touching surfaces contaminated with the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. It provides a list of suppliers of surface testing kits allowing direct contact for quotes/info.  

SARS-CoV-2: COVID-19 Surveillance in Wastewater

This buyer's guide to choosing a method for the surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater provides an overview of the various methods currently available in sampling, concentration, extraction, and detection. There's also a facility to send an enquiry directly to each/multiple supplier(s).

Stock Culture Maintenance and Storage

Review of how to effectively maintain microbiological stock cultures, cryogenic storage media in tubes avoid repeated subculturing.

Swabs - Capture, Maintain and Release!

How to select the right type of swab for your application - clinical specimen collection, environmental monitoring, automated systems

UHT Food and Beverage Microbiology

Review of microbiology rapid methods for the detection of spoilage of UHT foods and beverages - pre-incubation times, microbial detection, HACCP and automation.

Using PCR to Genotype Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

This test method on genotyping antibiotic-resistance bacteria gives an overview on the benefits of using moleuclar methods to detect strains with antibiotic resistance genes.

Vibrio Species Detection and Identification in Seafood

How to enrich, detect and identify the three main pathogenic species, Vibrio cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus, from seafood. Rapid real-time PCR methods and alternative confirmatory agar is available