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nomad Smart Microbiology Online Services

nomad Smart Microbiology Online Services

Principle: Web App designed to simplify microbial monitoring data analytics

Suitability: Process and maintenance monitoring, hygiene and environmental monitoring, troubleshooting, audits


A Smart Microbiology Web App designed to simplify data analytics for microbial monitoring and create insightful dashboards.

Test reports:

  • Individual test results sent by the nomad Mobile App are displayed for editing, validation, and export.
  • The Pixa AI system automatically counts the colonies and suggests the type of microorganism when recognized.
  • Results are normalized and expressed in concentrations.


  • Result groups are filtered by sampling point(s) and displayed on a time scale, with mean value, trendline, alert levels, and other relevant process parameters such as temperature or RLU values.

Plant Mapping

  • Result history is displayed on a 2D map of the production facility.

Account management

  • Multiple smartphones and users can be associated with an account (subscription dependent).
  • With account manager’s permission, a BioMire expert can access the account results for analysis and discussion.

They are part of the nomad Microbial Risk Management System, which includes nomad IoT Dip-Testers, the Smart Microbiology Mobile App, and Quick-Start Services.

The nomad Smart Microbiology Web App is available as SaaS. Accounts with a free service or an Advanced subscription can be opened at https://nomad.biomire.solutions

Key Points:
  • Result management: display, normalisation, editing, and export of individual test reports  
  • Automatic colony count by AI, labelling of microbial populations
  • Safeguard of data history
  • Trend analysis, alert settings, and data export to CSV
  • Plant Mapping 



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