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nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile Apps

nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile Apps

Principle: Mobile App designed to guide users through on-site microbial testing via integrated best practices and automatic recording of sample information.

Suitability: Process and maintenance monitoring, hygiene and environmental monitoring, troubleshooting, audits


Designed to assist non-experts during on-site sampling and testing while recording full sampling point and contextual information automatically.

Test protocol templates for sampling liquids, surfaces, emulsions, hard-to-filter, containers, and more are built into the App. 

Each template contains:

  • a test tutorial
  • the list of parameters that are necessary for complete test records.

Test parameters are chosen from available menus for on-the-fly testing, and protocols can be pre-recorded for routine tests, thus saving time during sampling. When a new device is scanned, the compatible routine protocols are suggested.

3 options for operator comments are available at each step: by voice, image, or text recording.

The App can be used without an internet connection. The records are automatically transferred once a connection becomes available.

It is part of the nomad Microbial Risk Management System, which includes nomad IoT Dip-Testers, Web App, and Quick-Start Services.

The nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App is free and available on the Google and Apple stores

Key Points:
  • Ease-of-use on-site, even without a connection 
  • Error-free sample tracking by QRCode  
  • Pre-set sampling protocols and template menus for on-the-fly testing
  • Complete test records with location, time, sampling point and result pictures, batch #, sample treatment, incubation time, device expiry date
  • Connection to web account for data analysis, automatic colony counting by AI 
  • Works without a connection. Files are automatically transferred when a connection is available



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