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nomad Smart Microbiology IoT Test Devices

BioMire nomad IoT

Principle: Connected microbial test devices designed for pen-free on-site sampling of liquids and surfaces

Suitability: Process and maintenance monitoring, hygiene and environmental monitoring, troubleshooting, audits


Designed for on-site sampling and testing for microbial contaminants, the nomad IoT Dip-Testers are based on the established membrane filtration technique for CFU counting.

On-site sampling and testing

The nomad IoT test devices contain a built-in chamber for convenient liquid collection, in which a test paddle is dipped immediately after sampling, thus eliminating sample transport.

For surface testing, the nomad IoT Sterile Swabs in neutralizing buffer contain the same built-in chamber as the nomad IoT Dip-Testers and the buffer volume necessary for the test step.

The Dip-Testers contain Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) media for total counts particularly well suited for temperature, chemically or starvation-stressed micro-organisms. Microorganisms may be incubated at ambient temperature.

The QRCode contains a Unique Device Identifier (UDI), device model and type, and expiry date information and ensures end-to-end traceability from sampling to counts.

They are part of the nomad Microbial Risk Management System, which includes the nomad Mobile App, Web App, and Quick-Start Services.

nomad IoT Dip-Testers are available from BioMire, the Pinqkerton online store, and selected distributors.

Key Points:
  • Ease-of-use on-site, with familiarity in just minutes
  • Quantitative results consistent with lab results
  • Unique Device Identifier (UDI) in characters and QRCode
  • Extensive shelf-life at ambient temperature
  • Error and omission-free automatic sample recording when used in combination with the nomad Smart Microbiology App


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