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Hospital Hygiene - Microbiological Proficiency Testing

Bipea Hospital Hygiene Proficiency Testing

Principle: Microbiological Proficiency Testing

Automation: No

Approvals: ISO 9001 certified

Suitability: Microbiological Proficiency Testing

Capital equipment required: No


BIPEA offers three PTS dedicated to Hospital Hygiene:

PT 86a: Waters under bacteriological control. In this program, laboratories perform Total viable count at 22°C & 36°C and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, on bacteriologically controlled waters.

PT 86b: Microbiology of dialysis waters (hemodiafiltration). This program proposes ultrapure water (dialysate) and laboratories will be able to analyse for Total viable count at 22°C for 7 days on medium similar to R2A or TGEA media identification of indicator microorganisms.

PT 86c: Microbiology of endoscope rinse waters. This program offers Total viable count at 22°C and identification of indicator microorganisms on an endoscope rinse water.

Key Points:
  • International participation
  • Reports PTS: 1 individual interlaboratory comparisons report delivered with a judgment of the laboratory performance + 1 global interlaboratory comparisons report including the results of all participants.


Company contact details:

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