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Test type: Candida

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HardyCHROM™ Candida + auris

Hardy Diagnostics HardyCHROM™ Candida + auris is recommended for the selective isolation and differential identification of Candida species. The medium allows for the differentiation of C. albicans, C. tropicalis, C. krusei, and C. auris based on colony morphology, color, and positive UV fluorescence. Colonies of Candida glabrata can be subbed

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Alpha Laboratories Ltd
bioMérieux (Clinical Diagnostics)
Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Liofilchem s.r.l.
MicrobiType LLC
Primerdesign Ltd
R-Biopharm AG
Renishaw Diagnostics Limited
Savyon Diagnostics
Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC
Sigma-Aldrich Corp.
Stratix Labs
T2 Biosystems
Technical Service Consultants Ltd
Tianjin Era Biology Technology Co., Ltd.